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We are looking for the owner of a dog who may have been rescued by the military and I believe that the National Guard located at St. Pius did rescue a number of animals.

He has three Petfinder reports but the one with the best picture is PF 41869—the link is below. This little guy was found wearing a green collar and please contact Chris with any information. tisme@mindspring.com



This little guy was found in Lake Vista shortly after the Katrina and was brought to the SPCA. He was adopted by a family in Cincinnati, OH and his foster parents would like to find the his real parents. He is a black Labrador/Cocker mix, about 25lbs, all black w/spots on his pink tongue. He is not neutered. Found w/a red collar on him. He was initially brought to Gonzales after being rescued. Please contact me at KeithZibilich@lakevistapropertyowners.com.


Here is a cat that was found in Lake Vista by one of our residents. Please contact Betty Rabe at: bets504@cox.net if you can help reunite this kitty with its parents.


Below are pictures of pets rescued in Lake Vista by the Mass. Nation Guard, 181st Infantry lead by CPT. Luis Rodriguez. These pets were picked up by the LSPCA so, if you recognize any of these pets please contact the LSPCA for their location.

Posted September 19, 2005 -- 10:22PM

Photos taken on 9-16-05 and provided by Keith Zibilich, click on photos for high resolution image.

2 Belgian Shepherds
ID: E2861 & E2871
Contact: United Animal Nations
281-755-5619 or 916-429-2457
Yellow Lab/Chow/Shepherd Mix?
ID: LA2869
Contact: AZ Humane Society
602-997-7586 x 2158
Possible ID: LA2866
Contact: United Animal Nations
281-755-5619 or 916-429-2457
Possible ID: LA2867
Contact: AZ Humane Society
602-997-7586 x 2158
White Maltese
ID: LA2863
Contact: Missouri Humane Society
Brown Cocker Spaniel
ID: LA3483
Contact: Greater Birmingham HS

No information found
Possible ID: E2874
Contact: petmollys@aol.com
Possible ID: LA20544
Dixon Correctional Institute

No information found

No information found
Terrier Mix
ID: LA 3482
Contact: Josephine Count - ASPCA of
Great Pass

No information found
No Picture
Per Note under picture dog is being cared
for by Kirk Redmann
Black Chow Mix - Male
ID: LA3484
Contact: AZ Humane Society
602-997-7586 x 2158


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