Thanksgiving patrols extended to 24 hours
Patrols in Lake Vista will be expanded to 24 hours a day over the long Thanksgiving weekend, starting Wednesday night and extending through Sunday. The Lake Vista Crime Prevention District wishes everyone a safe, joyous Thanksgiving holiday and urges our residents to maintain vigilance. If you plan to leave town over Thanksgiving, be sure to call Metro so they will put your house on a vacation watch while you are away.

Tom Long, President
Lake Vista Crime Prevention District


President: Stephanie Hilferty

1st Vice President: Stephen Villavaso
Svillavaso1@cox.net • 504-343-9096

2nd Vice President: Bob Romero
Sugarcanebob@gmail.com • 337-781-1554

Treasurer: Jennifer Warden Herbert
jwarden@taggartmorton.com • 504-304-4299

Secretary: William Barousse
williambarousse@gmail.com • 225-281-3299

Beautification: Milton Reese
Milton_reese@yahoo.com • 504-616-3627

Beautification: Dominique Laan
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Board at Large: Michael Moffitt
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Board at Large: Sydney Marcello

Outgoing President: Lynn Long
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Park Permit - A permit is required for Lake Vista residents that contract services and the hired individual has a need to cross or come into contact with Orleans Levee District (OLD) property, i.e., Lake Vista parks or lanes. Examples of such services are catered events in parks, improvements to lane sidewalks, trimming of trees on OLD property (the lanes), etc.

Lake Vista Zoning - Permitted land use in Lake Vista, 30% maximum lot coverage, required setbacks, fencing, and other restrictions that are part of the Lake Vista Building Restrictions, were incorporated into the City's Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance under the Lake Vista chapters of the Lake Area Zoning Ordinance on October 18, 2007.Lake Vista Garden Club Blog

We have a new Garden Club blog where you can stay up-to-date on upcoming events and leave comments for your fellow club members. Click here to view the blog.

In an effort to improve the quality of life in Lake Vista, the LVPOA is pleased to provide the 3rd District Police "Hot Sheet". Hot sheets are to be used to identify those areas where illegal activities have occurred or potential problems exist. Items to be reported using the Hot Sheet are:

Drug Dealing
Abandoned House
Curfew Violations
Tall Grass
Street Lighting Issues

You may also include any other issue which effects our quality of life. Click on the following link to download the form which should be completed and faxed to the 3rd District Police number listed on the form.

PDF Format: click here to download
MS Word Format: click here to download